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At Bay View, we want to be sure our community has access to their teachers, their supporters and their school. Please reach out with your questions, your concerns or your ideas!

SDC Preschool, Melissa Scarpace ext. 54120

TK, Adriana Escarcega ext. 54222
Kindergarten, Sarah Wolfsen ext. 54114
Kindergarten Eva Quevedo ext. 54221

First Grade, Hailee Lawton ext. 54111 
First Grade, Caroline Sammet ext. 54112
First Grade, Kathy Chaput ext. 54110

Second Grade, Amanda Chausse ext. 54109
Second Grade, Karen Fitzsimmons ext. 54104
Second Grade, Jennifer Johnston ext. 54107

Third Grade, Helayne Ballaban ext. 54105
Third Grade, Laura Moore ext. 54106

Third/Fourth Grade, Aaron Reisman ext. 54142

Fourth Grade, Chad Smith  ext. 54144

Fifth Grade, Jerry Valles  ext. 54143 
Fifth Grade, Shelby Dong ext. 54140

SDC-ED (2nd/3rd/4th), Monica Smith ext. 54133
SDC-ED (TK/KN/1st), Laura Shiner ext. 54116
SDC-ED (5th), Brady Laub ext. 54134

Custodians, Cristian Rodriguez
Life Lab, Jessica Pavlak

MPR, ext. 54302

Renee Golder ext. 54202

Sch. Admin.Assist. IV, Flora Lopez ext. 54201
Office/Attendance, Gail Marizette ext. 54200
Office, Student Phone ext. 54205
Health Clerk,  ext. 54203
Bilingual Community Coordinator, Elisa Gonzales ext.54250

Kitchen,  Ruth DiMarzio ext. 54210

Library Media Center
Librarian, April Porterfield ext. 54240 
Library Assistant, Kathy Isonio ext. 54240

Music (3rd-5th) Katrina Haeger ext. 54121 / ext. 54122
Art, Angela Allabach ext. 54145 

School Counselor
Marili Avalos Rodriguez, ext. 54204

Special Education
PK Speech, Michelle Laszio-RathAlma Partida ext. 54115 
Speech (K-5th), Linda Frisbey,  (650) 532-3993
Resource, Miranda Stark ext. 54103
Resource, Shannon(McGuire) Wynn ext. 54102
Psychologist (preK), Vanessa Ragan ext. 54209
Psychologist (Sail), Adrian Reyes ext. 54xxx 
Psychologist (TK-5) Mahsa Farhang ext. 54211
Mental Health Specialist, Josh Toback ext. 54234

RTI (ELA) Coordinator, Margaret LaMotte ext. 54101
RTI (Math) Coordinator, Marri Coen ext. 54141

BVASA (After School Program) Donna Geffken ext. 54125

WPENS ext. 54224 or 429-3995

Staff contact
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