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Bay View

Bay View Elementary is a neighborhood TK-5th public school, offering both a rigorous & enriching program providing high expectations, comprehensive supports and connection in our West Side community.

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Bay View

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The center, which provides computer & printing, local job board, parenting support literature, food, toiletries & access to Bay View's Counselor, Community Coordinator & Social Worker was featured on the online front page of the Sentinel, KSBW Action News 8 & Univision. Come by yourself: 7:30am to 6pm in the Library!

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¡Centro de recursos para padres en Univision!

A unique Community

Bay View is a unique school at a bustling neighborhood crossroads. We work to instill creative thinking and a healthy development for all students.

Our school is a place where learners are rigorously pushed to their highest potential of excellence with a diverse curriculum and unique enrichment opportunities. We support students with a system dynamic instruction that combines classroom work, small groups and on-on-one attention.

While making our school a welcoming home for all, we work to offer every challenge and support needed to help us all grow as learners and human beings. We like to say Bay View is "Where Everyone is Somebody."

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"Both my kids had awesome experiences at Bay View! We have loved our teachers, staff and community.

Annouschka Collins 

"Our teacher connects with the kids and has an ability to motivate them to work hard and enjoy learning

Bay View Parent

"In my child’s words, her teacher is "the best teacher in the world.”


Miss Johnston is thoughtful, kind and conscientious. She teaches her students how to be the best people they can be.

Bay View Parent


school offers more

We have the deepest roots in our Santa Cruz community, the most experienced teachers, the most student supports, the most mental health supports, the most partnerships with local resources and opportunities.

As our students move into the secondary, we have the most college prep courses, the most career paths, the ​most extracurriculars, the most leadership opportunities.

Public school offers  the most diversity, the most community and the most history. We have the most help for those who need it, the most opportunities for those who excel.

And you, like all, are welcome.

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